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Erectile Dysfunction Should Be Treated ASAP

Sex is an important part of man’s life, and it is essential for relationships. Sexual intercourse should be enjoyed by both men and women because that’s the pleasure in it. Sexual intercourse usually involves a man and a woman, and it requires an erection on the part of the man. Proper erection enables the man to properly insert his penis into a woman’s vagina, resulting into orgasm and ejaculation of semen.

A man’s sexual health is very important, without this, he won’t be able to properly carry out his duties sexually. Sexual desire, the ability to get an erection, and sustain the erection are all part of a man’s sexual health.

Although sexual intercourse is meant to be enjoyed, not everyone enjoys it.¬†Erectile dysfunction¬†is an indication of the absence of sexual health in man’s life, and it is something to worry about. It is the inability to get an erection, and the inability to sustain erection for getting satisfaction from a sexual intercourse.

You know how worrisome that could be, right? Research has shown that several things or several combinations could be the course of erectile dysfunction. Something could be wrong physically or psychologically. Some of these things include stress, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorder, injuries and surgeries that affect the spinal cord or pelvic area, etc.

Erectile Dysfunction

Reasons Why You Should Never Delay Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

This could be really worrisome, and it should be treated immediately once it has been discovered. Here are reasons why treatments should never be delayed.

  1. It could worsen: Although some cases of erectile dysfunction are permanent, some can still be treated and cured. Whether permanent or not, a Doctor should be seen because no one can determine the cause of the erectile function until it has been diagnosed. If all the symptoms are ignored, it could worsen and lead to some other unwanted illnesses and diseases. Symptoms of erectile should never be ignored; get diagnosed and get treated.
  2. Relationship conflict:¬†Sexual intercourse is an essential part of a relationship and everyone wants to enjoy it. If your partner wants you two to have sexual intercourse, but you cannot do that, do you think you two will have peace? Not at all. Especially if you partner doesn’t know about your situation; you will only leave her thinking that you do not love her anymore, or you do not want to be with her anymore.

    That could really spell trouble for you two, because she won’t just sit still and watch you refuse her all the time. Or, you can manage to have an erection, but you can not even sustain the erection enough for you to derive any pleasure. This would definitely cause distress for you two. There would be no peace, there would be great discomfort, and you two will appear to be in danger. All of these could be avoided if you get the right treatment immediately.

  3. Inability to impregnate: One of the reasons for sexual intercourses is to have children. A man and a woman want to have sexual intercourse and have children when the feel it is the right time for them to do so. But a man who can’t have an erection at all, or can not sustain erection enough to ejaculate, how can such a man impregnate someone? That is an impossibility on its own.

    No matter how long or how much you keep trying, you can’t just impregnate anyone even if you wish and want to. Getting the right treatment can prevent this. Once you get symptoms of erectile dysfunction, see a Doctor immediately, get diagnosed and get the right treatment.

  4. Low self-esteem: Having low self-esteem could be terrible, because at this point, you would be feeling like you are not capable of doing anything great. If you are unmarried, you can’t even desire anyone because you know you are not capable of giving them the sexual pleasure they would want. If you are married, things wouldn’t be going well with you and your partner because of this. All of these are enough to cause one to have a low self-esteem.

    You will feel inferior at all times, you won’t even be able to make your own decisions. You will constantly feel guilty too. As a man, you know you can not keep living every day of your life like this. Even if people do not know about your erectile dysfunction, they would know something is definitely wrong with you and it’s an advantage for those who would love to ride you. You will only be giving them permission to do that freely. You can avoid this by doing the right thing, get treated immediately.

  5. Depression: This could be worse. Overthinking all of what is happening around you and with you could cause depression. At this stage, your mental health is getting affected. Everything about you would be greatly affected. You will get angry and be more aggressive often. You will constantly feel restless and be anxious. Your behavior will change, you might have thoughts of suicide. Your emotions will be affected also. You might begin to feel pains, you might have difficulty in completing tasks, inability to concentrate, and understand people, etc.


All of these can be avoided if you would do the right thing. Once you have trouble getting an erection, or trouble keeping an erection, you should know these are symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Also if there are health conditions like diabetes and heart disease that might be linked to erectile dysfunction, report them and get treated ASAP, before it gets too late.

Once you’ve been diagnosed, you can get treated. Treatments could be in form of surgeries, oral medications and injection. Whichever way, you can avoid trouble for yourself.

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