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Benefits Of Being a NeoLife Member

Benefits Of Being a NeoLife Member!

As a NeoLife Promoter you have 3 valuable Profit Centers:

1. Product Sharing Profit Center
2. Opportunity Sharing Profit Center
3. Leadership Building Profit Center

With the first of these profit centers we can help you to earn a fun part time income while simply
embracing a healthy lifestyle. In the Leadership Building Profit Center we will show you how, still
working part time in the NeoLife Club, you can achieve dreams you may have long forgotten!

Feeling excited, join today by registering here.

Let’s get started so that you can see how simple it is to get paid by sharing the NeoLife Club!

Let’s say you’re using the full range of NeoLife products, you’re sharing the products with other people, and you’re introducing new people everyday to the NeoLife opportunity. It takes about 50 good customers to build a Director-size business. To demonstrate a balanced business, we illustrate a Director Model like this:

In the illustration above:
  • You have 12 customers.
  • You have introduced 3 other people into NEOLIFE who also have 12 customers.

Including your Distributors and yourself, you have 52 people actively involved in your  NeoLife network.

In our illustration, we assume each customer is using 250 Points worth of product. New customers may start with minimum of 100 Points, but regular customers often use much more like 250, 500, 1,000 and above Points worth of product. Talk to Distributors you’ve met and you’ll find that 250 Points is a good guideline.
As your Distributors also build their businesses to Director-size, you double your income without doubling your work. That’s the Power of Duplication!
Remember that each of the Directors above has developed their own network of 50 customers, so that each of you are maintaining a Director-size business averaging approximately 5,200 Points per month.

Our illustration still shows you servicing just 12 customers directly. Realistically, Directors at this level routinely enjoy a much larger personal customer base.

As you continue to develop new Directors, and each of your Directors grows their own business to achieve a $45,000 or $55,000 income like yours, your organization might grow to look like this:

Using the Power of Duplication, in this illustration you have now helped a total of 6 Directors to each help 3 others to achieve a Director-size business.

How You Earn Money
As you can see from the previous illustrations, there are many ways to earn income from your NeoLife business:
  • You earn Retail Profits selling directly to your customers.
  • When you achieve Manager & Senior Manager you earn Sales Volume
  • Bonuses as you start other Distributors into your network.
  • When you achieve Director you earn Leadership Bonuses as you develop
  • Directors in your organization through the power of duplication.
  • And you earn premiums, bonus cash, travel rewards , and more through
  • NeoLife’s annual sales plan incentives.

In the illustration that follows, we’ll take you through the steps to growing your NeoLife business from new Distributor to President’s Team member!

To become a NEOLIFE Distributor is very simple. You just complete a Distributor Application Form, with the person who introduced you (your sponsor), and submit your application to NEOLIFE with your Application Fee.

As a new NEOLIFE Distributor, your “Welcome” includes:

  1. Your Distributor ID Card and Personal Identification Number. These are important for  placing orders and sponsoring other Distributors.
  2. Your Distributor Recognition pin. Your new Distributor pin is our way of welcoming you into the NEOLIFE family.
  3. Your Distributor Kit or Registration Pack. You may receive this Kit directly from your sponsor when you complete your application, or it may be shipped to you by the Company.

Your sponsor will explain this when you complete your Distributor Application.


By maintaining an active NEOLIFE Distributorship, you enjoy many benefits, including:

  1. You purchase NEOLIFE products at wholesale cost. This is a saving of at least 15% – 25% off the normal Retail Price.
  2. You can earn retail profit when you share NEOLIFE products with other people:
  3. You receive regular communications from the company, including NEOLIFE’s Lifestyle magazine and “NEOLIFE News”.
  4. You participate in Distributor training.
  5. You have access to our exclusive “Distributor Only” section of NEOLIFE’s website. At “Distributor Only” you will find a wealth of information and support for your business, including free product literature and other useful tools.


  1. You have access to sales reports and team bonus processing from NEOLIFE.
  2. You participate in NEOLIFE’s Marketing Plan.

Your next step is Manager, where you begin enjoying Bonuses based on your Sales Volume!

Step 1: Achieve Manager and start earning bonuses.

NEOLIFE’s Manager recognition signifies that you are now “in business” and can start earning bonuses from the NEOLIFE Marketing Plan. You have taken the first step on your way to becoming a NEOLIFE Director.

Manager Qualification

There are two (2) ways to qualify:

  1. Accumulate volume from your orders plus the orders of Distributors you sponsor for a total of500 PV (Point Value)in one month, with at least 100 Personal PV from your own orders;


  1. Place a single order directly with NEOLIFE for at least250 PV. This is the best and simplest way to achieve Manager. With this order, you immediately qualify for at least a 3% Sales Volume Bonus.

The more product you and your Distributors purchase and either use or sell, the more income you can make through Sales Volume Bonuses.


Receive ALL the benefits of a NEOLIFE Distributor, plus:

  • Receive a “Manager” pin in recognition of your achievement.
  • Earn monthly Sales Volume Bonuses of from 3-5% (see SVB chart)
  • Attend special NEOLIFE sales meetings and team training.

The more product you and your Distributors purchase and either use or sell, the more income you can make through Sales Volume Bonuses.

 Beginning with the month you become a Manager, you are eligible to earn a SVB whenever you  accumulate 250 QPV (Qualifying Points Value) or more in one month.

Your SVB is calculated each month using the percentages in the chart below.

A minimum of 100 Personal PV (from your own orders) is required to earn a Sales Volume Bonus.

Step 2: Achieve Senior Manager and be recognized when you start to qualify towards Director.

NEOLIFE’s Senior Manager recognition signifies that your NEOLIFE business has now grown to the point where you can start qualifying to become a Director. It marks the beginning of your Director Qualifying Period.

What does this mean? You are on the road to success with NEOLIFE!

Thereafter, qualifying at Senior Manager level as a “Qualified Senior Manager” (QSM), with over 1,000 accumulated QPV in a month including at least 100 Personal PV, guarantees a monthly Sales Volume Bonus of at least 10%!

Senior Manager Qualification

*It’s simple:

Accumulate volume from your orders plus the orders of Distributors you sponsor for a total of 1,000 QPV in one month, with at least 100 Personal PV from your own orders.


Receive ALL the benefits of a NEOLIFE Manager, plus:

  • Receive a “Senior Manager” pin in recognition of your achievement.
  • Earn Sales Volume Bonuses of 10% or more, as a QSM (see SVB chart, page 15).
  • Attend Senior Manager Seminars and other leadership events.

You’re on your way to Director!

Continuing in your ‘Director Qualifying Period’ as a Senior Manager

Your Director Qualifying Period commences when you first achieve Senior Manager; and you should aim to achieve your Director qualification within six months.

However, provided you have at least 100 Personal PV from your own orders each month, you can continue in your Director Qualifying Period for as long as it takes to achieve Director.

NOTE: Should you not have 100 personal PV in any month, you will need to again achieve the level of a Qualified Senior Manager (QSM) with a total accumulated volume of 1,000 QPV in one month (including 100 Personal PV) to re-start your Director Qualifying Period. 


Step 3: Achieve Director

NEOLIFE’s Director recognition allows you to start receiving a substantial income. Directors are also able to qualify for NEOLIFE’s special sales training programs.

These informative, fun and rewarding events bring you face-to-face with NEOLIFE’S’s top World Team leaders, and form the foundation of your successful business.

Director Qualifications

NEOLIFE’s Director qualifications include two simple steps:

  1. Be a NEOLIFE Senior Manager.
  2. Start your qualifications period with a month as a Qualified Senior Manager (1,000 QPV or more). Accumulate 10,000 QPV in a 6 month window with at least 100 Personal PV each month and 4,000 QPV in your last month of qualifying.


All Senior Manager benefits plus:

  • Receive a prestigious “Director” pin
  • Recognized at NEOLIFE’s annual Convention and NEOLIFE publications
  • Earn the maximum Sales Volume Bonus (20%!)
  • Earn Leadership Development Bonuses
  • Earn Special Director incentives including travel to NEOLIFE functions, meetings, and Convention

NeoLife Kenya

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Nutrition Startups
For any entrepreneurs out there who have a passion for sharing good health… NeoLife is also redefining the world of startups. Put simply, it’s like a tech start-up, but with nutrition. There’s low barriers to entry because NeoLife provides the infrastructure that any successful business needs, as well as consumable products, and a compensation plan.

So instead of having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, it makes entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. When you become a Promoter, you own your own NeoLife business and it can be passed down as an income generating asset to future generations.

You can own your own NeoLife business and it can be passed down as an income-generating asset to future generations.

Get started today by registering here.

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